We have the expertise to handle various types and sizes of materials and have been approved by multiple water authorities.

Drainage and Surface Water Solutions

At HH Construction, our expertise comes to the forefront in handling and implementing various projects. Whether managing private or adoptable foul and surface water systems or integrating attenuation tanks, we have an extensive knowledge base. We are comfortable working with all material types and diameters, are approved by multiple water authorities and deliver exceptional solutions across water management.

Work undertaken
Private foul and surface water

Private foul and surface water

We install the needed sewer system to remove wastewater within the site and standing water to prevent flooding and water damage to the property or building.

Adoptable foul

Adoptable foul and surface water

Our adoptable drainage ensures compliance with local regulations and water authorities.

Offsite connections

Offsite connections

We can connect private drainage systems to public sewers or other drainage systems outside of the property boundary.

Attenuation tanks

We install an effective solution for managing excess rainwater and reducing the risk of flooding by installing underground storage systems.



We install compliant interceptors to prevent harmful substances from entering the drainage system and polluting the environment.

Pumping stations

Pumping stations

We can install pumping stations above or below ground to pump wastewater or rainwater from one location to another.

Treatment plants

Treatment plants

We can build compliant facilities to treat wastewater or rainwater before it is discharged into the environment.

Surface water channels

Surface water channels

We engineer drainage systems above or underground to manage the flow of rainwater and other surface runoff.

Our service

Drainage services that give you confidence

Having the correctly designed and engineered drainage is an essential part of any construction project. With our extensive and diverse plant machinery, our knowledge and quality workmanship, we’re equipped to handle your next project wherever you are.

Scalable & Responsive

We have more than 150 members in our team, and with our knowledge and machinery, we’re ready to handle any construction project.

Our Fleet

We own a diverse fleet including Excavators, Dumpers and Compactors. All are managed and serviced in-house and supplemented by our transporters.

Our Experience

HH Construction has more than 15 years of vast experience and skills in Civil Engineering & Groundworks.


We operate sustainable practices by reducing site pollution, recycling, and waste reduction both on and off-site.

Accredited & Protected

We pride ourselves on having excellent health and safety accreditations, here you’ll find what we are certified for.

Commitment to safety

Our workforce is 100% CSCS qualified, and all our senior management holds additional CITB qualifications. We’re also proud to offer industry apprenticeship schemes.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Drainage is an important aspect of construction and civil engineering that involves the management of water flow, whether it is surface water or groundwater, away from buildings, roads, and other infrastructure to prevent flooding, erosion, and damage. Drainage systems can be designed and installed to collect, convey, and dispose of excess water to a suitable location, such as a highway drain or road gully, river, or reservoir.

    There are different types of drainage systems used in construction and civil engineering, including:

    1. Surface drainage: This involves the collection and removal of water from the surface of the ground using ditches, gutters, and other channels. Surface drainage is commonly used in urban areas to prevent flooding and maintain the integrity of roads and paths.
    2. Subsurface drainage: This involves the removal of groundwater from below the ground surface using perforated pipes, drains, or wells. Subsurface drainage is used to control the water table and prevent water from damaging foundations or cellars.
    3. Combined drainage: This involves the use of a combination of surface and subsurface drainage systems to manage both surface water and groundwater.

    The design of drainage systems takes into consideration several factors, including the amount of rainfall in the area, soil type, slope, and land use. The drainage system is typically designed to handle the maximum expected rainfall in each area, and the water flow is calculated based on the surface area, gradient, and other factors.

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