Earthworks & Site Preparation

HH Construction specialise in earthworks and site preparation services to help you get your construction project off the ground.

We prepare, clear, and dispose

At HH Construction, our site preparation and clearing expertise offers comprehensive services to cater to your every requirement. With a proven track record, we have honed our skills, equipping us to seamlessly handle tasks ranging from bulk excavation to site remediation.

Work undertaken
bulk excavation

Bulk Excavation & Disposal

Our specialist heavy machinery removes and disposes of large amounts of material from your construction site.

cut fill

Cut & Fill

We maximise and recycle all materials by cutting and filling the land. Reducing both costs and eliminating the need for additional materials.

ground clearing

Ground Clearance & Grading

We will make sure your land is clear of any debris and graded to ensure a level surface.

site remediation

Site Remediation

We work closely with local authorities to prioritise site health and safety for both staff and the public.

Our service

From the ground up with HH Construction Earthworks services

Earthworks sets the foundations for your project, let HH Construction take on your next Earthworks project. With our extensive and diverse plant machinery, our knowledge and quality workmanship, we’re equipped to handle your next project wherever you are.

Scalable & Responsive

We have more than 150 members in our team, and with our knowledge and machinery, we’re ready to handle any construction project.

Our Fleet

We own a diverse fleet including Excavators, Dumpers and Compactors. All are managed and serviced in-house and supplemented by our transporters.

Our Experience

HH Construction has more than 15 years of vast experience and skills in Civil Engineering & Groundworks.


We operate sustainable practices by reducing site pollution, recycling, and waste reduction both on and off-site.

Accredited & Protected

We pride ourselves on having excellent health and safety accreditations, here you’ll find what we are certified for.

Commitment to safety

Our workforce is 100% CSCS qualified, and all our senior management holds additional CITB qualifications. We’re also proud to offer industry apprenticeship schemes.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Groundworks refer to the foundation or base preparation necessary for construction or landscaping projects. It typically includes the initial steps in the construction process, such as site preparation, excavation, grading, and utility installation. Site preparation involves clearing the land of any debris, trees, or vegetation that may interfere with construction. This process also includes assessing the soil for its suitability for building, and if necessary, adding or removing soil to ensure a level surface.

    Excavation involves digging trenches or holes to create the necessary space for building foundations, drainage systems, and other utilities such as gas lines, water mains, and electrical cables. This process also includes the removal of excess dirt and rock. Grading involves shaping the land to create a stable foundation for construction. This process includes levelling the ground and adding materials such as gravel or sand to create a solid base. Utility installation involves the placement and connection of essential services such as water, sewer, gas, and electrical lines. This process ensures that the building or landscaping project has the necessary utilities to function properly.

    Groundworks are an essential first step in any construction or landscaping project, ensuring that the land is properly prepared for building and providing a stable foundation for the project to be completed on.

    Cut and fill is a process during excavation where materials are “cut” and re-used on your project reducing the need for additional materials. Any usable removed earth or soil will then be recycled to “fill” embankments or elevated areas to create a level surface.

    It is a term used in construction, civil engineering, and earthworks. It’s the process of excavating earth material from your site (cut) and using it to elevate or raise another area (fill).

    Cut and fill operations can be necessary when building on sloped or uneven terrain. This process uses heavy plant machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks. Proper planning and execution of the cut and fill process are critical to ensure stable and safe construction.

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